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In order to add further documents, make offers to buy and/or sell, access myOffers or myLibrary, you must be logged in as a user of the luxroots group. If you're not registered, please accurately complete the registration form so you can connect and access these transactions. When using the transactions on, you authorize us to pass on your details to third parties if your offer overlaps with another offer on/for a particular item, so you can finalize your transaction with the third party. All offers must be completed in myOffers, even if an offer to buy or sell has not resulted in a final transaction. For any activity on, the public right of reproduction - as described on the site - must be respected. Protected works can be texts, images, etc.
In Luxembourg, the right of reproduction expires 70 years after the death of the author and / or publisher.
A new reproduction right is generated by a subsequent work created by an author or publisher who improves the presentation of the initial work, which is subject to the right of reproduction of the initial work.
The original of a work may be transmitted freely, provided it has been lawfully acquired previously.
No copy - be it a photocopy or a digital copy - can be offered on before the expiration of the right of reproduction.
For any additional questions regarding copyright, please visit

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