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The luxroots project
During the last 18 years, luxroots volunteers - at the beginning only one, now 76 persons from Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France and the United States - have been active in transcribing the details of the church records and the ones of the civil state from Luxembourg and the neighboring regions: the Belgian Provinces of Luxembourg and Liège, the townships of the German region of the Eifel and those longing the rivers Sûre and Moselle, as well as the neighboring French parishes and townships. Here you'll find a
detailed list of our recordings.
We should have finished the Luxembourgish records beginning of 2024, and we will continue recording those of the territories of the ancient Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Census project
In parallel, we have started a new project 'Census' which consists of transcribing the details of the censuses from Luxembourg. For this work, we rely on the pictures of the censuses published on thank them very much for this publication. (In order to see these pictures, you'll have to connect to these pages after having created a free account on their website).

The first census with which we started the project is the one of 1864. The population of Luxembourg at that time was about 203,000 people. We assume that there must have been around 40,000 houses/households, and we evaluate the working charge to 12 man-years. With some 20 volunteers, we should be able to finish the 1864 census in about two years.

The transactions for this project have been developed by our collaborator Jean-Paul MOURIS. This tri-lingual project will be shown depending on the preferences set in your browser (in French, German or by default in English). The content of the Census records will of course always be in the language used on the original census sheets. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our associates   our subscriptions asbl   Contact