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Newsletter May 2015
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Our May-Newsletter with the following topics:
- The luxroots subscription
- 62 records about abandoned children
- KERGER of Koerich ?
- Be a luxroots associate!
- Days of the book and of the copyright
- Finished data input during the month of April 2015
- Visit of the city of Aachen
- Pedigree Charts up to 9 generations by luxroots
- Demo videos by luxroots
- luxroots, ready to meet their visitors
- Need help?
Dear subscribers, dear visitors of our websites

The luxroots subscription price has not changed since 4 years although the number of entered births increased from around 400,000 to 950,000, that of marriages from 28,000 to 85,000 and of deaths from 6,000 to 46,000, not to mention other advantages covered by this subscription.
As you well know, all our subscriptions are limited in time and volume in order to not attract professional genealogists.
luxroots has its own powerful server to instantly answer your queries. The speed of responses to each subscriber or visitor is one of our primary goals and can only be ensured by proper use of the luxroots database by family researchers. So all family researcher is welcome at luxroots, genealogists using our data to power their personal databases beyond family research rather quickly reach the volume limit.

We want our subscription price to remain unchanged and for this reason, we will adjust the consultations volume limit to 6 times the annual average of consultations of all our subscribers.
For 90% of our subscribers, the situation will remain unchanged or even get better as long as they engage in our project via the myluxroots transactions. As part of these myluxroots transactions, we will significantly increase the reward myluxroots points for active collaboration of subscribers that help enrich our project (e.g. adding their recent family members, photos, information). These points can be exchanged for various luxroots offers e.g. to convert them into consultation hits to reduce the consultations counter (usually green, then orange and red).
Once the limit is reached, the answer is slowing gradually and this slowdown can be avoided by a conversion of myluxroots points into consultation hits (resulting in a reduction of the consultations counter) or by a subscription renewal (causing a reset of the counter of consultations).

Any subscriber starting his genealogy will get the first annual subscription at 12 times the annual average of all our subscribers.

We hope you understand our approach. The quality of a website is measured not only on complete, accurate and well presented data, but also on the speed of responses. This speed has its price at the server level, and we want to keep data quality and speed of responses to a correct and unchanged subscription price.

(The change of the volume limit will occur in mid-May, current subscriptions and those renewed before May 15th May, 2015 do not fall under the new volume limit for the duration of the subscription.)

Among our 950,000 births, we also entered 62 records in relation with abandoned children including 11 in Luxembourg City. These abandoned children were presented to the mayor and if a name was not mentioned, the child got in most cases as a surname the name of the location where it was found such as CORRIDOR, DELAPLACE, KIRCHHOF, KOCHEREI, LACOUR, LAPORTE, LéGLISE, PRATZ, STEINFORT, ...
Take for example the case of the foundling Barbe KIRCHHOF (means courtyard of the church) found on May 25th, 1813 in the courtyard of the Church of Kopstal.
L'an mille huit cent treize, le vingt-cinq du mois de mai à trois heures du matin par-devant nous maire, officier de l'état civil de la commune de Kopstal, canton de Luxembourg, département des Forêts, est comparu Paul GOEDERT, charron, âgé de cinquante ans, adjoint de la mairie, domicilié en cette commune, lequel nous a déclaré que cette nuit au point du jour accompagné de Jacques CLEMENS et Guillaume GOELEN, habitans de cette commune, il a trouvé au cimetière de Kopstal devant la porte de l'église un enfant tel qu'il nous est présenté enveloppé dans une chemise de femme sans aucune marque, et après avoir visité l'enfant avons reconnu qu'il était du sexe féminin qu'il paraissait agé de huit jours; desuite avons inscrit l'enfant sous les nom et prénom de Barbe KIRCHHOF et avons ordonné qu'il fut remis à Margrite DONDELINGER épouse de Mathias HOFFMAN pour être nourri jusqu'à ce qu'il en soit autrement disposé par Monsieur le Préfet de ce département.
Desuite avons dressé procés-verbal en présence des dits Jacques CLEMENS, âgé de 49 ans et de Willibrord GOELEN, âgé de 52 ans qui ont signé avec nous après que lecture en a été faite du contenu au présent procés-verbal.

The child died a few days after on May 30th, 1813 in Kopstal.

The family name KERGER could come from the profession carter (Kärger, Kärrner), but if we consider the records of the registers of Fauvillers (1779) and Surré (1813), one could also opt for the version that the KERGER comes from the village of Koerich. Indeed, the couple Guillin KAIRHIER and Catherine GREVEN married in Surré on January 22nd, 1813 and had 4 children named KERGER while the father was born in Bodange on December 15th, 1779 under the name of Guellan KOERICHER, his parents being Guellain KOERICHER and Marie NOSPELT. (Jean-Claude Muller, president of the ALGH, we asked about it, can endorse this option.)

luxroots is the genealogical association in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg whose associates do not work on personal databases, but they enter data online directly to the luxroots-database. That's why working together makes us so powerful. Provided that you are able to analyze records of civil registers or even of parish registers, and you want to be part of a dynamic team of volunteers as part of the cross-border and non-profit project, please contact us!
You do not need to go to townships or to archives. luxroots makes available to its associates the pictures of the records of a certain township/parish free of charge which they plan to analyze and enter the details in the luxroots-database.
Do not hesitate to participate in this great puzzle of genealogy of Luxembourg by analyzing and capturing the details of the records of your preferred township or parish. Check our inventory of records of townships/parishes
to be analyzed soon or other available documents.

If you are interested in learning more about our projects, visit us on Friday, May 15th, from 2pm to 5pm in Itzig (RBS, 20,rue de Contern) in the context of the 72 Stonnen Benevolat organized by the Agence du Bénévolat.

During the month of April 2015, the luxroots.com associates finished the following data input:
5.211 births 1797-1891 of the township of
Mamer by Georges FELTZ
3.653 births 1797-1894 of the township of
Remerschen by Fernand TREMUTH
1.003 births 1895-1923 of the City of
Remich by Roland WEIER

192 baptisms 1779-1793 of the parish of
Biwer by Catherine RENSCHLER
1.406 baptisms 1700-1802 of the parish of
Useldange by Hortense BOHLER-HAAS

799 marriages 1840-1923 of the township of
Bertrange by Josée and Richard OSTER-RASQUIN
179 marriages 1801-1839 of the township of
Eschweiler by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN
1.225 marriages 1840-1923 of the township of
Junglinster by Armand GILLEN
1.348 marriages 1840-1923 of the township of
Niederanven by Myriam WEIS-ZIEWERS
643 marriages 1797-1829 of the City of
Wiltz by Armand SERRES-HEINEN

1.197 death records 1870-1923 of the township of
Goesdorf by Robert EVERLING
Which associate is currently working on what ?

igenealogy.lu, we updated the file of Vic HILGER, Leudelange) with 975 people. This database now holds 81 trees with 197,000 people.

Our associate Marianne EHMANN sent us a file with index on 3,730 notaries records.
Our database on indexed notaries records now holds 9,870 records.

A pedigree chart up to 9 generations can now be established for any child born after 2013, until 8 generations for young people born after 1983, until 7 generations for people born after 1953, 6 generations for people born after 1923, otherwise until 4 generations. These people were usually entered by a subscriber using the myluxroots transactions. Check this with our demo videos.
Use the transaction 'Add a child of a couple' to relate the child to its parents and thus a pedigree chart up to 7 generations can be produced for that child.

To better introduce you to our websites and our applications, we have made some demo videos you find on this page.

luxroots.club asbl visit the City of Aachen on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 - 29 persons are participating at this trip.

The days of the book and the copyright will be held from April 22nd to 25th, 2015. See the program here. On Friday 24 and Saturday 25 in the morning, the National Archives offer books in exchange for a donation to the restoration of a document. It is the same for the National Library which offers its readers books in exchange for a gift in favor of the restoration of a poster on Friday 24 and Saturday April 25, 2015, in the "Lieseck" and during the opening hours of the library. For the fans!

Our next meetings with the visitors of our websites:
Today, more than 3,500 visitors from around the world are registered on www.luxroots.com. 770 of these visitors support the luxroots projects! If you are not yet among these people, join them now!

The luxroots genealogy group is your genealogy partner in Luxembourg and offers to help in your researchp.s. our next newsletter will be sent on Thursday, May 28th, 2015.

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