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Can a subscriber get a PDF document with the data of births / baptisms of people with the same lastname? (2023)
Yes, thanks to a program developed by Steve MULLER, luxroots offers the subscribers and associates the possibility to download, online via the myluxroots points system, PDF documents containing the data (captured from birth and/or baptism records) of people with the same family name. For example, please open this document with the persons of the STEINFORT family name.
The documents will be available via
our search page by typing in the white box (in the blue background row entitled 'enter at least the 3 first letters of the lastname') the family name for which you wish to have this PDF document. Confirm the search by clicking on 'Search', and on the next page click on the number, and then follow the instructions on the opening page.
For each person of this document, you will find a link on its name in order to open the luxroots record for this person (if you are already logged in).
(It may be that Internet Explorer browser asks you to enter 3 characters in the search field above, do it by entering by example aaa in this field and confirm again by clicking on the 'Search' button.)

As already mentioned above, these PDF documents will be billed through our myluxroots points system (1 point per person with a minimum of 100 points per document.) Therefore, pay attention to have enough points for buying documents by earning points while uploading further information in our database or
by purchasing additional points.
In order not to disturb the performance of our server, the PDF document of family name with more than 1,500 people must be ordered
by mail and will be sent to you.


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