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Add and publish your searches !
Starting January 2010, luxroots permits you to publish your genealogical searches free on their website. Forward your GEDCOM file or your HTML files and contact us for further info!
Please get a look at the
websites already installed !

Following your request, we have added a transaction which allows you to add the recent data of your family members to our database. The transaction is available to the supporting users through a button
on this page.
Transaction description: After having found the father and mother of the person to add, you add his lastname, firstname, birthdate, locality and township and some further important informations about this person.
The page of the thus added person shows beside the normal data also links to his father, mother and children and buttons for constructing roots and trees tables.
The transaction is presented in French, but if there are people who are interested, the transaction can be made available in German and English. 

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