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Maintaining the Highest Quality of Information
Buying a high quality product is easy, while designing and producing such a product is not always as simple.

In genealogy, transcription and publication of information is based on authentic documents, a previous publication by third parties, or even statements by other people. The document may be original, a copy of it, or a picture of this document taken from microfilm. The documents are usually handwritten, in French, Latin, or (in most cases) in old German hand-writing by a secretary or a priest who did not always write legibly, etc.. ... These are obstacles that do not easily facilitate the transcription and thus the presentation of reliable or high quality information.
Nevertheless, quality of information is a primary objective of www.luxroots.com. Therefore, we try to be

- complete, i.e. all documents advertised in our inventory must be present in our database
- accurate, as we draw the data almost exclusively from civil and / or church records; and
- perfect, as we try to present our data in a proper and simple way.

To maintain the best quality, the luxroots associates need your help in correcting any mistakes or typos found in our published data. We would therefore kindly ask you to inform us of any inconsistencies found. Use this link marked Q for the specific document. By clicking on that Q link, your email program will open with the email address of the luxroots-associate who processed the information from that document. Add your comment with the requested corrections and send the message.
After analyzing the proposed correction, the associate will then confirm the possible correction.
We thank you in advance for your help in maintaining high quality of information on www.luxroots.com. 

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