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Where can I find the records of the Civil Registers in Luxembourg? (2023)
Along with the creation of the Forêts Department under the French regime from October 1st, 1795 are created almost all local governments that led to the current Luxembourg townships. Meanwhile new townships were created either by fusion of former townships. Other townships were dissolved and integrated into the surrounding townships. Up from their creation, the townships were required to register every birth, marriage and death in appropriate registers. We distinguish between:

- The births register chronologically by birth, followed for each year by an alphabetical list of newborns
- The marriages register chronologically by marriage, followed for each year an alphabetical list of the husband
- The deaths register chronologically by deaths, followed for each year by an alphabetical list of dead people
A register of 10-years tables completes the series of registers. This register contains over 10 years, from 1803 , an alphabetical list of newborns, then an alphabetical list of the spouses while also indicating the wife and finally an alphabetical list of dead people. A first list includes notes from 1803 to 1812 and so on until the list from 2003 to 2012.

All records of the Civil Registers are established in duplicate, one remaining in the township, the second being transmitted to the competent district court (Diekirch or Luxembourg). 2 records may differ to the fact that the acts were completed by hand or typewriter at a time when the copy does not exist.
Where can I find these records? As already stated, townships retain copies of all the documents established by them or established by merge entities. In principle, records older than 100 years are freely accessible. For the records of the last 100 years, you must, in principle, get an authorization from the State Attorney of the judicial district responsible for this township. The Diekirch district courts (Maison de l’Orientation –Résidence du Parc 7, avenue de la Gare, L-9237 Diekirch, Tél. 803214-1) and Luxembourg (Buildings TL, CO, JT, Cité judiciaire, L-2080 Luxembourg Tel 475981-418) maintain the second copy of records.

These records were also the basis for the microfilms available at the National Archives (Plateau du Saint-Esprint, Luxembourg, You will find on microfilms births, marriages and deaths of the Civil Registers to 1923 and the decennial tables until 1982. Through the directory of villages in Luxembourg, you quickly locate the microfilm number to be checked, to take a digital photo or to request a copy of the record you need. have posted on
their Internet almost every record of the Civil Registers of Luxembourg until 1923. After free registration and login With this link, you find first a list of townships, then for each townships folder for type and periods of records, and finally the files with the copy of such records . You are free to expand these acts, print or save them on your computer. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our volunteers   our subscriptions asbl   Contact