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Where should I be careful when analyzing a birth record? (2023)
For the birth record, we must first pay attention to the date of birth which is not necessarily the date of the record. So always take good notice when the record indicates: born today, yesterday, ...
In principle, the father of the newborn makes the declaration of birth, but sometimes someone else does it for various reasons: early death of the father, father absent due to illness, military service, distant work, llegitimate child ... In this case, it is often a midwife, a grandparent of the newborn, an uncle .. or even the mother doing the declaration.
As far as the names are not really readable, pay attention to the signatures in the record or the names rewritten in annual alphabetical list at the end of the year respectively to the decennial marriages tables.
Often you find marginal notes on the records that relate to
- a note about the date and place of death of the person indicated on the birth certificate (normally you find this information for any deceased after 1965 or even for the period of the second world war
- a note mentioning the recognition and legitimation by the husband of his wife's illegitimate child
- a correction for the full names or even the sex of the concerned persons
- an indication of a subsequent marriage of the newborn asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our volunteers   our subscriptions asbl   Contact