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Our review on genealogical books
We are often asked why we do not publish a genealogical family book for a given township and/or parish. Well, for this question we can give the following answers:
  • The result of our voluntary work must be available to the population of the Grand Duchy, but it should also help the descendants of ancestors emigrated to foreign countries in their search. But, here the shipping fee for a book are too expensive
  • Ecologically, it is better to offer genealogical data in a digital format than on paper
  • It is easier for researchers to find the information in a single medium instead of having to check hundred books he needs to acquire before beginning
  • a family book of township and/or parish that is not based on all records of the region or the whole country is never complete and therefore incorrect
  • a missing or erroneous information in a book will stay forever while a fault on a website can be rectified immediately. For this reason, we will launch the website so you can enter incorrect or missing information soon. The visitor can then get a printed sheet Erratum to join the book in question
  • Once we have completed the analysis and capture of details of all records (~2025), we expect to produce, with public and private help, the paper edition of family books for each township and/or parish of the project area for reasons of backup. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our associates   our subscriptions asbl   Contact