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Policy for the use of cookies
A cookie is a file that downloads on to your computer when you visit certain websites. Its main purpose is to allow websites to store and retrieve data relating to a user's web browsing habits, and in turn, recognise the user.

However, only certain data is retained: the number of pages, the city where the IP connecting to the website is located, the frequency of visits, the length of the visit, the browser, the provider or the type of terminal where the website is accessed from. Cookies never retain data such as the name of the user or postal address of the connection point.

Cookies used on this website and their specific purposes are listed here:
GENuser / GENuser1 / GENuser2 / GENuserrootslu / luxbooks expire after one day and allow our transactions to recognize you as a registered luxroots websites user
GENuser0 expires after one day and allow our transactions to recognize you as a luxroots subscriber
GENfriends expires after one day and allows our transactions to recognize your friends added by you through the transaction myFriends.

Some cookies are created by Google such as them starting with _utm - for more information thereon
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You can authorise, block or delete cookies installed on your workstation by modifying your web browser's settings. Please see the links below for guidance on how to do this on the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

Lastly, we want to inform you that if you disable a cookie, it may make web browsing or using the services offered on our websites difficult, or even prevent them altogether.

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