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Latest news on the luxroots-works
in the Belgian and German border regions (December 2017)
Province de Luxembourg in BelgiumProvince de Luxembourg in Belgium


dark green: 100% of births entered in luxroots
medium green: more than 50% entered
light green: in work

Apart from entering details of the civil and parish registers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1,012,429 birth/baptisms certificates, and 167,656 marriage certificates as of 11.11.2017), we are also progressing well in the Belgian and German border regions.
As of November 11th, 2017, details of 291,608 birth certificates and 27,305 marriage certificates have been entered for these regions:

luxroots births in Belgium and Germany

luxroots marriages in Belgium and Germany
We thank the direction of the Province de Luxembourg, Mr. K.D. KLAUSER from the Geschichtsverein ZVS and Wikimedia for their basis maps in order that we could produce the maps on this page.

German Region in Belgium
German Region in Belgium


Eifelkreis region in Germany
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