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Tips & Tricks
Browsers and their languages settings

Internet Explorer version 7 et 8
On the bar menu, click on Tools and then on Internet Options.
In the opening window (Internet Options), choose the General tab (upper left corner), then Languages (on the bottom of this page).
In the opening window (Languages), add your preferred languages by clicking on the Add button.
In the opening window (Add a language), choose in the list, by holding down the CTRL key, the following languages: English(United States), French(France), and Germany(Germany) and confirm by clicking the OK button (closing this window)
The languages thus choosen are now shown in the window(Languages). Your preferred language is on position 1; when you want to choose another language, select it and click on the button Up until this language reaches position 1. Close all windows with OK.
Refresh your page with the F5 key or the 'Refresh' button.

FireFox version 3
more about Browsers Languages Settings

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