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How to complete the registration form luxroots? (2023)
Please complete the various fields of this form correctly.
- Your email address
- Password with 6-10 characters(at least one uppercase character, at least one lowercase character, at least one number and at least one special character) that you repeat in the next field. You need that password for various transactions (to connect to luxroots).
Through this transaction, you can ask that this password is sent to your email address.
- Then enter your full firstname, lastname
- phone (international format, +352 12 34 56 78)
- enter the result of the small calculation (top right, green)
- Select your country of residence, then your zipcode and locality
Confirmation implies acceptance of the terms of use of luxroots data.
After validation, a message is sent to request a confirmation of your registration. After this confirmation, a second message will be sent to you with your NUMBERid which you need for you
login with luxroots together with your password. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our volunteers   our subscriptions asbl   Contact