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How to start his genealogy in Luxembourg? (2023)
Fortunately you find on the Internet today good leads even maybe your genealogy already established. For years, genealogy is an interesting hobby. Lot of family researchers and even regional or local researchers or groups of researchers as our genealogy group luxroots may have already done the research for your pedigree chart or descendant tree of one of your ancestor. So visit the websites of your area and our group's: luxroots.com, igenealogy.lu. On luxroots.com, we plan to enter the details of all the civil and parochial records of Luxembourg. Our updated inventory gives you an idea of data input already completed and the project's evolution. Join our group to analyze and enter yourself details of records of your preferred township or parish.
On www.luxroots.com, details of birth / baptism , marriage and death records are waiting to be consulted to help you find your ancestors.
Family books or other documents are also good tracks. Visit our website
www.luxbooks.lu to detect any book you could eventually see at the National Library (www.bnl.lu).
The Luxembourg Association for Genealogy and Heraldry (
www.algh.lu) Mersch also offers a very nice library of family books and other genealogical books. (Check our calendar for the opening days).
www.eluxemburgensia.lu website, a site of the National Library , offers a search by keyword in the former editions of newspapers such as the Luxemburger Wort editions from 1848 to 1980, the Tageblatt until 1950, and other older newspapers and allows you to find perhaps funeral announcements concerning your family - death notices often providing detailed information about the deceased as well as information on the members of his immediate family and their places of habitation.
For these types of publications listed above, they are good tracks. Therefore, ideally, it is necessary to find authentic documents in the Civil Registers (period 1796 until today), in the population censuses ( 1843-1916 ), in the parish registers ( period before 1800 ) and other authentic sources.

Where can I find the records of the Civil Registers in Luxembourg?
Where can I find the records of the parochial registers in Luxembourg? 

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