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Does luxroots teach genealogy courses for beginners? (2023)
Yes, in order to promote the beautiful genealogy leisure.

How to start his pedigree, what are the sources, where are the sources, parish and civil registers , censuses, old newspapers, the Internet can help me in my research, old writings, the Republican calendar, can i join a genealogy group, how to work within a group ... here are some topics for these courses.
Generally, we offer 2 sessions at 60 minutes ideally within 2 weeks, the courses are given free. In principle, the courses are held in Luxembourgish with a French presentation. Upon your request, the courses can also be held in German or French.
We need an Internet connection, a projector and a projection wall.

So if you're an organization and you want to offer such courses to your members/clients, so do not hesitate to contact us
by message or call us at (00352) 2799 4713 to set the dates and times. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our volunteers   our subscriptions asbl   Contact