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Genealogy ion the Eifel-Trier region (published Christmas 2015)
In our last newsletter, we reported on our work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and today on our work in the Eifel region.
This area mainly belonged to the Duchy of Luxembourg since 1300. In 1815, the Congress of Vienna decided that this part should be ceded to Prussia. From one day to another, whole families were torn apart and were living on different sides of this new frontier. Fortunately, relations between people of the region were still good as is shown by many cross-border marriages. Many Eifel people migrated to other regions and countries, and also to Luxembourg.

Therefore, luxroots started early up from 2006/2007 its genealogical research in this region. Today, you find in our database the details of 62,000 births of the former municipalities of the 'Verbandsgemeinden' Arzfeld (1798-1914) and Südeifel (without Irrel) (1821-1914) entered on the basis of copies of records. We should complete this entry in 2016. It is primarily our couple Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN who realized mostly these entries together with Georges EICHER, Armand GILLEN, Aloyse JODOCY, Tiger NICHOLAAS and Uwe PROBST.
2,800 marriages in this region have already been entered and will be completed by the end of 2017.

The genealogy association, having worked extensively in the region, is the
Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienforschung.. In recent years and decades, this association has published many family books for a given parish. If you are a member of this association, you can view up to 600 family books of this region. The annual membership fee is 40 euros. Even without contribution, you can consult at least the ABC lists for certain family books and a multitude of other information. The new family books can be ordered via their shop.

Where do we find records of birth, marriage and death in the region?
In general, the 'Verbandsgemeinden' in the region keep the records of the last 100 years of their merged municipalities. The earlier records were mostly transmitted to the different 'Kreisarchive' or even to the
Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz.. To view the records of the 19th century, take you an appointment with the Kreisarchiv Bitburg.. The consultation is free.
Rumors tell us that the records of the Eifelkreis will be digitized shortly and that copies of these documents will be posted in the coming years like the Belgian and Luxembourgish records.

Regarding the parish registers of the region, we can recommend a visit to the
Bistumsarchiv Trier. First check their inventory of parish records and family books and take an appointment. On-site consultation is free.

Städtische Bücherei - Bibliothek der Dr. Hanns-Simon-Stiftung currently holds more than 60,000 media. A visit to this library in Bitburg is primarily interesting for the family researcher (in Trier-Eifel region), since it can be viewed here on site over 250 family books. Free entry.

Secondary sources, such as family books, are good indications, but, as we know well enough, nothing goes without copies of records if you want to produce a good genealogy. Regarding family books, missing or incorrect information persist for eternity. Our websites have at least the advantage that we can update missing or incorrect data in seconds. And in case you inform us about an incorrect information, we reward you by myluxroots points. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our associates   our subscriptions asbl   Contact