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Quota for displaying luxroots information
The luxroots subscription price has not changed since 4 years although the number of entered births increased from around 400,000 to 950,000, that of marriages from 28,000 to 85,000 and of deaths from 6,000 to 46,000, not to mention other advantages covered by this subscription.
As you well know, all our subscriptions are limited in time and volume in order to not attract professional genealogists.
luxroots has its own powerful server to instantly answer your queries. The speed of responses to each subscriber or visitor is one of our primary goals and can only be ensured by proper use of the luxroots database by family researchers. So all family researcher is welcome at luxroots, genealogists using our data to power their personal databases beyond family research rather quickly reach the volume limit.

We want our subscription price to remain unchanged and for this reason, we will adjust the consultations volume limit to 6 times the annual average of consultations of all our subscribers.
For 90% of our subscribers, the situation will remain unchanged or even get better as long as they engage in our project via the myluxroots transactions. As part of these myluxroots transactions, we will significantly increase the reward myluxroots points for active collaboration of subscribers that help enrich our project (e.g. adding their recent family members, photos, information). These points can be exchanged for various luxroots offers e.g. to convert them into consultation hits to reduce the consultations counter (usually green, then orange and red).
Once the limit is reached, the answer is slowing gradually and this slowdown can be avoided by a conversion of myluxroots points into consultation hits (resulting in a reduction of the consultations counter) or by a subscription renewal (causing a reset of the counter of consultations).

Any subscriber starting his genealogy will get the first annual subscription at 12 times the annual average of all our subscribers.

We hope you understand our approach. The quality of a website is measured not only on complete, accurate and well presented data, but also on the speed of responses. This speed has its price at the server level, and we want to keep data quality and speed of responses to a correct and unchanged subscription price.

(The change of the volume limit will occur in mid-May, current subscriptions and those renewed before May 15th May, 2015 do not fall under the new volume limit for the duration of the subscription.)

Volume limit valid up from May 15th, 2015
annual subscription: 2,400
6-Month subscription: 1,200
One Month subscription: 400
Special subscription: 800
Test subscription: 200
First annual subscription: 4.800

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